Whom we observe

Below is a list of blogs I check out from time to time, both to my personal enjoyment and to share with the rest of the pack members. The list is under a continuous construction.

So watch out, you’re being followed 🙂

Bubu following Misio (12/2010)




All About Ferrets – The Blog

All About Ferrets – The Forum

A creative place to be – by Sue Brown

Kate Shrewsday – by herself 🙂

Diptychs – by Camille Pasquin & Natalia Shaidenko

Studentdesignblog – by Kate

Measure of Doubt  – by Julia Galef & Jesse Galef

Light on the rooftop – by Erin

Live to write – write to live – by … a bunch of nice folks 🙂

Full Sprint’s Photoblog – by Mariana M.

My Other Side – by Dokmateo

Morris Taub Exposed – by Morris Taub (momo)

ripple’s Photoblog – by ripple

Our Two Sense – by Lilly & Ronnie

Abstract Sunday Blog – by Christoph Niemann

Megan Charland – by herself

Jules’s Photoblog – by Jules

Małgorzata Chołda – by herself

rumpydog – by Rumpy (and Jenny Threet, I guess)

VEGGIES, YARNS & TAILS – by Geraldine Hartman

… and more are to come.

  1. Just found myself! I can research many things, but I come up short every time when it pertains to me 😀 Thanks for reading: and I’m looking forward to checking out some of your other recommendations….

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