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A handsome stranger

Recently Nano had a crush on a total stranger. It all happened during one of our weekend walks. She is not very likely to fall in love at first sight, usually staying positively indifferent to various guys, but this time it was different. While they dated, we managed to create this photo report for you, paparazzo-style. Just forgive the quality of pics – those were really long-distance captures 🙂

Nano: “Wait! Look, there! See that guy come our way? Gosh, he’s handsome! How do I look?”

Just look at him!

We: “You look great, Nano. And, to tell the truth, you two look very similar… . “

Nano: “Similar? I don’t see that. Gosh, I forgot to brush my teeth today. And my rear is so big…”

We: “Oh, cut that, please! You’re beautiful as always. Your fur is shiny, and your complexion radiant. But the most important is that you are a nice dog, that’s what really counts. Not your looks.”

Nano: “Yeah, I know, I know. Looks will pass, brains will stay, this kind of stuff. Okay, here I come! Wish me luck!”

We: “You go, girl!”


Nano: “Hello, my name is Nano, what’s yours?”

Dog: “Boris.”

Nano: “Where did you come from?”

Boris: “I live just across that field behind you. Managed to jump above the fence and decided to go for a walk.”

Nano: “I see. Wanna play tag?”

Boris: “Sure thing, I don’t get to play that game very often.”

Your turn now!

Nano: “Tagged, you chase!”

Boris: “We have started already? Never mind, I’ll catch ya!”

Boris chasing Nano

Boris: “I will catch you in no time, just wait a second…. And tagged. “

Re-tagged - Nano's turn to chase Boris

Nano: “You might have longer legs, but I am faster than the French AGV!”

Nano chasing Boris

Nano: “Almost there… And I got you!”

Boris's turn again

[Many many turns later…]

Nano: “Ha, I won again!”

Happy to win again

Well, we had to end this game, for none of the dogs wanted to be the looser. Besides, we started to worry about Boris. But he had a collar tag, with a phone number. We called his owner and it turned out that Boris was not lying to Nano about his jumping over the fence. We walked him home and then resumed our walk. However, from time to time Nano sighs for Boris, from the bottom of her lungs. We can also hear her call his name in her sleep. He seems to have burned in her memory.

Nano: “And why would I forget the guy? He was one handsome dog! And he was FAST!”

Ah, Boris...


Need for a proof

A few day’s back Nano remembered about the fact we’d gone to observe the Draconid meteor shower – without her. After a brief chat with Misio she learned that we (humans) cannot be trusted, as we often say one thing and do the other. Or don’t do anything at all despite all the declarations. At least that was Misio’s observation, although he also said he was not sure that such unreliable behavior was guaranteed at all times, because he might have skipped one or two exceptions due to his habit of taking sudden naps. Fuku desperately wanted to add something to the discussion, but realized her experience with humans was still quite limited. She just remained silent, but followed the progress of events.

Was there ANY meteor viewing, huh? (10/2010)

Nano remained doubtful of our adventure (Did they really go there? Or maybe it was just a trick?) and she sat with Misio near the couch to consider the issue. It took quite a while – Misio even dozed off for a moment in the midst of the heated debate – but brought no solution of how to verify our declaration. For a brief moment it seemed they had a breakthrough, as they rushed to the hallway to sniff at our boots, but none was able to recognize whether their smell WAS or WAS NOT a Draconid.

But then Fuku, who had been until then patiently listening to the debate from a pillow on the couch, suggested we should be asked to draw a sketch map of how it was organized, all this suspicious Draconid observation thing. Our animals decided it could constitute a final proof they might accept.

The think tank: Fuku in the foreground, Misio trying to hide behind the pillow (09/2011)

SO, here it is. On their clearly articulated demand comes the following evidence of our actually staying on top of the old limestone quarry, with all the equipment and skills we used to observe the meteors. We solemnly swear that on October 8th, from 7 pm to 11 pm the events were EXACTLY how they got depicted below.

Draconid meteor shower viewing (Kazimierz Dolny, 08/10/2011)

Draconids: How to make up for NOT taking your dog to a meteor shower viewing

Okay, so it happened again. Nano didn’t get to go with us someplace. Since she knows that particular someplace well, she was quite disappointed with the fact we left her home and set out to get there – without her. And we did take our backpacks, our thermos flask full of hot tea, and our cookies. Plus a blanket, a foam pad, and oh so many other things which usually are a sure sign of a very long walk that is about to begin.

And yet – although the fact was entirely incomprehensible from her dog perspective – she was to stay.

Which was a very good thing, because we went to an abandoned limestone quarry. The quarry is a good spot (read: dark for lack of any human presence in the vicinity, which presence usually involves lots of street lamps, neon signs, beams, gleams, and traffic lights) from where we could observe and record the Draconid meteor shower. The Draconids were nice, the equipment was recording, but the night was just so very cold. We managed to stay (although “stay” does not reflect all the jumping jacks and jogs that we had to do to keep ourselves decently warm) on top of the quarry from 7 until 11 pm, happy that Nano was not with us. The poor girl would first have died of boredom (there was no walking, just sitting in one place) and then she would have frozen to death (it was like 5 degrees Celsius – not that cold, but very humid, which really made us go numb).

So the next day we took Nano for a walk to make up for not inviting her to join us the other night. We went to the beach where she loves to run, fetch the old tennis ball, and wade in shallow water. As it turned out, she was the only one without a running nose or cough, but with enough energy to realize all the exercise program I planned for myself for the whole upcoming week (even the month).

Lucky you, Nano.

Where did the other dog come from? (09/10/2011)

Her chasing the tennis ball was usually ending with her coming to a halt with such a vehemence and ruthlessness, that it somehow reminded us of the Decepticons’ way of arriving on Earth.

[Silence…. Entering the atmosphere…. HisssSSSSS…. INCOMING!]

Almost there! (09/10/2011)

[KaBOOM!!!…. Clouds of dirt / sand / mud everywhere…. Now, what’s that shape inside this big hole in the ground?]

Gotcha! (09/10/2011)

Oh, that’s just Nano landed.

– ‘What’s that you say, Nano? Hard to understand, as you’re speaking with your mouth full of sand. Plus that tennis ball.’

– ‘It is great here. I am no longer mad at you for not taking me yesterday to look for stones falling from the sky.’

– ‘Draconids. Those are called the Draconids. And we are glad to hear you are no longer angry, although you seem a little mad. But this time it seems to be about your tennis ball.’

Kayaking without Nano

Pnyks – “Nano, come up here darling. I have to tell you something.”

Nano – “Oh, I sense that might not be good news at all, but hopefully I am mistaken. So let’s hear it. Go ahead.”

Fire away! (09/2011)

Pnyks – “Well, you probably don’t remember us talk about this kayaking adventure. Oh, you do… . Ohh, you can’t wait to go? You already packed your gear long time ago? Great, great. Anyway, it just turned out you cannot go with us.”

Nano – “Whaat? How come? I was soo excited! My first kayaking ever. I so much hoped to get a skirt and a paddle. Learn how to roll. Possibly go pro after that – and now this?”

Pnyks – “Fred, why is it me who’s telling her, and not you? Come here and do participate in this, and now!”

Fred – “Nano, look. They just don’t have kayaks suitable for dog beginners, and there is not enough room for you to sit comfortably in the kayaks we’re going to use this time. And even if you somehow managed to squeeze in with one of us, you might get hit on the head with a paddle, and that would not be nice, don’t you think?”

Pnyks – ‘We promise next time you’ll go paddling with us.’

Nano – ”Yeah, sure. Guys, you’ve just made a fool out of me. I’m done with you! Don’t even say a word more.’

Not even looking at you, traitors (09/2011)

[A few minutes of dense silence pass.]

Nano – “… Uhm, and who’s coming to dog-sit me while you traitors are gone?”

Pnyks – ‘”Aunty Alice.”

Nano – “Cool. I might just as well be gone when you’re back, you know? I just tell you so that it’s not a surprise when you finally decide to show up.”

Pnyks – “We understand.”

Nano – “Aunty Alice – wonderful. We’ll go for a walk and then I’ll convince her I didn’t have a proper breakfast.”

Fred – “Okay. Splendid idea. And remember to wash it down with water. Hope your stomach doesn’t hurt afterwards.”

Nano – “It won’t, don’t you worry so much. You might get ulcers.”

There’s something about water

When Nano the Dog came to live with us, she was about 1 or 2 years of age. You could definitely say she was a young adult, with already shaped habits, likes, and dislikes.  As she joined our household in wintertime it took us some months (well, until spring) to realize that the girl had never seen water outside her drinking bowl. Water in large amounts and in various forms or temperatures had been non-existent in her world.

And although she showed no clear signs of bewilderment at the first sight of a larger-than-bowl pool of water (our nearby river), it was obvious that this particular component of the environment was entirely foreign to her. We guessed it just had no imaginable usage for her, other than “it is a large water bowl.”

We hoped for her animal instinct to guide her steps, but no. She remained firmly ashore and declared no intent to change that situation. Water was just for drinking.


However, from the moment we helped her change her mind by just putting her into shallow, but not too shallow water, Nano’s approach  rapidly shifted from “neutral”, through “panicky” (a very brief fit) to “I can sure live with that”, and has finally settled at “Nice!”

These days water, especially combined with a stick (or some other thing of a decent buoyancy) and a good (read: persistent) thrower, seems to be her almost natural element.

Not only can she wade in shallow water or swamp…


… but she is also a highly skilled river swimmer,


… and a great stick fetcher.


As a matter of fact, Nano occasionally tries ice fetching,


… and even ice skating, which – as it turned out – is much easier on all fours.


Her other water-related skills include traveling aboard a ferry (no sea sickness symptoms).


Well, I guess it is high time to go for a walk now. Possibly near some water pool.

It’s good to be together

Nano & Pnyks (05/2009)

Celebrating the first six months of togetherness with an ordinary walk.