About this blog

This blog is dedicated to sharing with you various observations and wisdoms (well, sometimes “wisdoms”) from our life with animals. Or maybe the other way around — from our animals’ life with us, two-legged.

Some stats for a start.

Our family pack includes (presently):

  • Misio the Ferret;
  • Fuku the Ferret;
  • Nano the Dog;
  • plus two humans – Fred and Pnyks.

Together we have five heads, twenty limbs, lots of hair / fur, and we are about seventy something in terms of human years.

Three out of five pack members (07/2009)

Of course there were more animals in our family and — who knows — they may have their share in this blog too.

All the images used to illustrate a given observation / wisdom were made by one of us, two-legged, and they usually show one or more of the animals living with us plus some of our body parts (sometimes we are even recognizable). All the blogging is done by me (Pnyks), even if I often write “we” instead of “I” or “me”. However, it is not the royal we (nor a multiple personality case). It is just that in my family I happen to be the person putting all the family action into words (written).

Watch out! There's an alternate universe out there (11/2010)

The intention of this enterprise is to try to make you smile (even if only inside) over your morning / evening / nightly (ouch!) coffee–or whatever it is you drink these days–and to maybe make think about how little creatures (animals, kids, and the suchlike) can make our lives a bit more full. For sure the goal is not to teach you how to deal with animals. Or kids, for that matter.

Now, the most difficult (at least for me) part of this whole About section. If you would like to publish any of the images / whole posts / excerpts from posts from this blog, please contact with me by Email (so that I know what you plan to do) and then, as you publish, please credit me (us!) and link back to this blog.

And, I guess, no commercial use.

Thank you very much in advance! I hope you enjoy reading this.

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