Monthly Archives: December 2011

High altar of “art”

We just learned that “Artist” Guillermo Vargas may have yet another chance to starve a dog to death in the name of “art.” Maybe he feels his message, which he sent out in 2007, didn’t get across? What was this message again? That people generally don’t pay any attention to starving and dying stray dogs. Agreed, some probably don’t. However, does he really think anybody would change their mind after seeing his exhibit, the corpse of the dog? We all here very much doubt that.

At the same time maybe the topic that Guillermo selected is not so crucial, that’s why he might think he needs to repeat his act. You know, who cares about animals? Nobody! There are people starving and dying all over the world, here and there. Maybe Sr. Vargas should re-think his main theme and change it to human callousness toward other human beings, and especially toward artists. We are sure you have noticed that many artistic souls suffer from lack of attention and / or malnutrition. It has always been like that and maybe the time has come to make a statement about that! Make people notice this issue!

Go starve yourself do death in an art gallery, mister. Sacrifice yourself at the altars of art.

In the meantime, we sign out of the “artistic” discussion, as we prefer to sign the petition to prevent another animal from suffering for “art.”

Click here to sign the petition.