A handsome stranger

Recently Nano had a crush on a total stranger. It all happened during one of our weekend walks. She is not very likely to fall in love at first sight, usually staying positively indifferent to various guys, but this time it was different. While they dated, we managed to create this photo report for you, paparazzo-style. Just forgive the quality of pics – those were really long-distance captures πŸ™‚

Nano: “Wait! Look, there! See that guy come our way? Gosh, he’s handsome! How do I look?”

Just look at him!

We: “You look great, Nano. And, to tell the truth, you two look very similar… . “

Nano: “Similar? I don’t see that. Gosh, I forgot to brush my teeth today. And my rear is so big…”

We: “Oh, cut that, please! You’re beautiful as always. Your fur is shiny, and your complexion radiant. But the most important is that you are a nice dog, that’s what really counts. Not your looks.”

Nano: “Yeah, I know, I know. Looks will pass, brains will stay, this kind of stuff. Okay, here I come! Wish me luck!”

We: “You go, girl!”


Nano: “Hello, my name is Nano, what’s yours?”

Dog: “Boris.”

Nano: “Where did you come from?”

Boris: “I live just across that field behind you. Managed to jump above the fence and decided to go for a walk.”

Nano: “I see. Wanna play tag?”

Boris: “Sure thing, I don’t get to play that game very often.”

Your turn now!

Nano: “Tagged, you chase!”

Boris: “We have started already? Never mind, I’ll catch ya!”

Boris chasing Nano

Boris: “I will catch you in no time, just wait a second…. And tagged. “

Re-tagged - Nano's turn to chase Boris

Nano: “You might have longer legs, but I am faster than the French AGV!”

Nano chasing Boris

Nano: “Almost there… And I got you!”

Boris's turn again

[Many many turns later…]

Nano: “Ha, I won again!”

Happy to win again

Well, we had to end this game, for none of the dogs wanted to be the looser. Besides, we started to worry about Boris. But he had a collar tag, with a phone number. We called his owner and it turned out that Boris was not lying to Nano about his jumping over the fence. We walked him home and then resumed our walk. However, from time to time Nano sighs for Boris, from the bottom of her lungs. We can also hear her call his name in her sleep. He seems to have burned in her memory.

Nano: “And why would I forget the guy? He was one handsome dog! And he was FAST!”

Ah, Boris...


About Pnyks

One of the two two-legged persons living with two ferrets and one dog in a small flat.

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  1. Really, Borys was very nice for human also, and, awhile we thought about taking him πŸ™‚ Unfortunatelly, we have to small run. In fact, we have only balcony… And, the rest of our small flat is occupied by two ferrets, You know..

    • Well, we only thought about taking him for a brief moment, for then we spotted the tag. And it is true that our flat is too small for more animals (hence the title of the blog). Even with the balcony as their spare run πŸ˜‰

  2. Of course, it was just a joke. Our animals DO NOT live on the balcony, except for some moments, when ferrets dig in the dirtpit that is placed there, etc. For Nano we have many things, for example her pontoon bed, not to mention the sofa … πŸ˜€

  3. Ahhh…love in the canine scene. How cute is that. πŸ™‚


    • Isn’t it? This makes us feel bad about not stealing Boris to come live with us πŸ˜‰ But this would definitely make us feel bad about Boris’s owner. Vicious circle issue again …

  4. Ahhhhh…. the one that got away…. by going back home.

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