Draconids: How to make up for NOT taking your dog to a meteor shower viewing

Okay, so it happened again. Nano didn’t get to go with us someplace. Since she knows that particular someplace well, she was quite disappointed with the fact we left her home and set out to get there – without her. And we did take our backpacks, our thermos flask full of hot tea, and our cookies. Plus a blanket, a foam pad, and oh so many other things which usually are a sure sign of a very long walk that is about to begin.

And yet – although the fact was entirely incomprehensible from her dog perspective – she was to stay.

Which was a very good thing, because we went to an abandoned limestone quarry. The quarry is a good spot (read: dark for lack of any human presence in the vicinity, which presence usually involves lots of street lamps, neon signs, beams, gleams, and traffic lights) from where we could observe and record the Draconid meteor shower. The Draconids were nice, the equipment was recording, but the night was just so very cold. We managed to stay (although “stay” does not reflect all the jumping jacks and jogs that we had to do to keep ourselves decently warm) on top of the quarry from 7 until 11 pm, happy that Nano was not with us. The poor girl would first have died of boredom (there was no walking, just sitting in one place) and then she would have frozen to death (it was like 5 degrees Celsius – not that cold, but very humid, which really made us go numb).

So the next day we took Nano for a walk to make up for not inviting her to join us the other night. We went to the beach where she loves to run, fetch the old tennis ball, and wade in shallow water. As it turned out, she was the only one without a running nose or cough, but with enough energy to realize all the exercise program I planned for myself for the whole upcoming week (even the month).

Lucky you, Nano.

Where did the other dog come from? (09/10/2011)

Her chasing the tennis ball was usually ending with her coming to a halt with such a vehemence and ruthlessness, that it somehow reminded us of the Decepticons’ way of arriving on Earth.

[Silence…. Entering the atmosphere…. HisssSSSSS…. INCOMING!]

Almost there! (09/10/2011)

[KaBOOM!!!…. Clouds of dirt / sand / mud everywhere…. Now, what’s that shape inside this big hole in the ground?]

Gotcha! (09/10/2011)

Oh, that’s just Nano landed.

– ‘What’s that you say, Nano? Hard to understand, as you’re speaking with your mouth full of sand. Plus that tennis ball.’

– ‘It is great here. I am no longer mad at you for not taking me yesterday to look for stones falling from the sky.’

– ‘Draconids. Those are called the Draconids. And we are glad to hear you are no longer angry, although you seem a little mad. But this time it seems to be about your tennis ball.’


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One of the two two-legged persons living with two ferrets and one dog in a small flat.

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