Kayaking without Nano

Pnyks – “Nano, come up here darling. I have to tell you something.”

Nano – “Oh, I sense that might not be good news at all, but hopefully I am mistaken. So let’s hear it. Go ahead.”

Fire away! (09/2011)

Pnyks – “Well, you probably don’t remember us talk about this kayaking adventure. Oh, you do… . Ohh, you can’t wait to go? You already packed your gear long time ago? Great, great. Anyway, it just turned out you cannot go with us.”

Nano – “Whaat? How come? I was soo excited! My first kayaking ever. I so much hoped to get a skirt and a paddle. Learn how to roll. Possibly go pro after that – and now this?”

Pnyks – “Fred, why is it me who’s telling her, and not you? Come here and do participate in this, and now!”

Fred – “Nano, look. They just don’t have kayaks suitable for dog beginners, and there is not enough room for you to sit comfortably in the kayaks we’re going to use this time. And even if you somehow managed to squeeze in with one of us, you might get hit on the head with a paddle, and that would not be nice, don’t you think?”

Pnyks – ‘We promise next time you’ll go paddling with us.’

Nano – ”Yeah, sure. Guys, you’ve just made a fool out of me. I’m done with you! Don’t even say a word more.’

Not even looking at you, traitors (09/2011)

[A few minutes of dense silence pass.]

Nano – “… Uhm, and who’s coming to dog-sit me while you traitors are gone?”

Pnyks – ‘”Aunty Alice.”

Nano – “Cool. I might just as well be gone when you’re back, you know? I just tell you so that it’s not a surprise when you finally decide to show up.”

Pnyks – “We understand.”

Nano – “Aunty Alice – wonderful. We’ll go for a walk and then I’ll convince her I didn’t have a proper breakfast.”

Fred – “Okay. Splendid idea. And remember to wash it down with water. Hope your stomach doesn’t hurt afterwards.”

Nano – “It won’t, don’t you worry so much. You might get ulcers.”


About Pnyks

One of the two two-legged persons living with two ferrets and one dog in a small flat.

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