Introducing Misio the Ferret

I just thought it would be a good idea to introduce to you our furry family members. To present Mr. Misio the Ferret first is the only fair decision.

Misio entred into our life in June of 2006. To be honest I must admit that Misio was neither planned, nor (initially) wanted. He was a “gift” of the sort one receives from a reather mean person intending to leave a lasting mark of their existence when they are finally gone. If you have ever received such a gift, you are able to recognize what I am writing about. Anyway, the story behind Misio ending up with us is quite emotional and complicated but the most important thing to remember is that the original intent of the giver turned out a dud. We love Misio dearly and he reminds us only of his furry self.

However, to say we were happy to see Misio eye us up distrustfully from the farthest corner of his carrier would be a lie. Although he looked like any baby ferret would – just sweet – we were quite perplexed, simply because we knew absolutely nothing about upbringing of a baby ferret. We knew nothing at all about ferrets of any ages and backgrounds. But by the time we left the elevator and entered our flat, we fell in love with him, just like that. I cannot see how we could not to.

One of the benefits of early childhood is the ability to sleep anywhere and in all circumstances (06/2006)

Since that times have passed five long years, but they did it so quick we barely noticed. Misio is now a ferret that most vets would classify as a “senior”, which we only accept because not-so-young-anymore ferrets require special attention and care. And we provide it.

Misio turned out to be a rather imperfect specimen. Not as big as a normal male ferret. Not as healthy as an average ferret – to mention only heart and lung problems, or intestinal and spleen issues which brought us to the decision about him undergoing a splenectomy. But he abides and so far has risen after all the crises with the stubbornness and determination of Andy Dufresne wanting to get out of Shawshank Prison.

As an ardent trekker, always ready to go outside regardless of the aura, Misio is the first to run up to the front door in the morning, or anytime he can hear it open. His most favorite outside pastimes are digging up molehills, rolling in fallen leaves, scouting out in wet grass, and – at times – sprinting along a fence or wall. When a walk outside is impossible Misio is most unhappy, but can be somewhat appeased with some treat (like a lick of butter) or arranged amusement (like a box filled with leaves, or just plain gladiator fight with somebody’s hand).

Try to do a minor flat renovation, or just engage in ikea furniture assembling, and you will surely have Misio on your back. No matter he was sound asleep when you checked a minute ago. Now he is all over the place, checking screws, sniffing at the WD-40, stealing any rubbery items, digging in your tool box, and rolling up in plastic wraps just to run away with a fluttering polyethylen cape and climb up on the sofa to dive off with an intention of landing in the middle of the construction site.

Trustful and sweet, with a minor exception of when our vet takes a sample of his blood (then Misio has claws and sharp teeth, and – most importantly – an attitude). A great sleeper with a deep interest in any opportunity to have some decent fun. A traveler and explorer of the wild vicinities of our block of flats (possibly and preferably  in his waking time).

An only child by character, now having to share us with two other furry creatures. That is our Misio in brief.

Misio the Ferret (02/2008)

And if you have any fingers free, please keep them crossed for Misio, who will much appreciate it in his struggle to maintain good health!

About Pnyks

One of the two two-legged persons living with two ferrets and one dog in a small flat.

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