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Ferret Wisdom: The Secret of Good Living

Long before “Eat, Pray, Love” type of messages (including many best-selling guides to well-being and healthy life) they knew it all. Just like that. Is it genes? Animal instincts maybe? Regardless of the reason, ferrets are indeed in possession of The Secret of Good Living in Three Easy Steps.

I can now almost see many of you jump up in your chairs and I can almost hear you say, “This is it, that’s the moment of truth! Come on, tell us! What are those steps?” Calm down. Relax. We do not intend to withhold the Secret from you. We asked our family sage, Misio the Ferret, to share the secret with us, to be able to subsequently share it with all the needy. We have it all in writing and with his signature, to ensure he will not change his mind one day, as to what the steps are. The translation from Ferretish to English, which follows below, was absolutely necessary as hardly anybody can decipher Misio’s pawwriting, let alone grasp the complex grammar, syntax, and metaphors of this ancient language. However, the accuracy of translation is guaranteed, as our Ferretish is near fluent. We have been trained by Misio the Ferret himself for the past five years.

To the point.

Step 1. Getting enough sleep, my friends, is the first step. And we are not speaking of mere seven to eight hours per night here. No! It is some 20 to 22 hours out the available 24 hours. Which means your aboard the bus naps, your falling asleep while listening to boring speakers, and the suchlike, are much welcome. Just assume the most comfortable position in given circumstances (like, no lying flat on your back, if you are attending a staff meeting. On the other hand, a discreet lowering of your lids as you create an impression of writing down questions to ask later, would definitely do) and off you go. The image below exemplifies how one can take advantage of nearly any setting to doze off.

Misio the Ferret sleeping on a drying rack

Step 2. Eating enough, whenever you feel you need to chow down, and (now, how obvious is that one!) according to your very taste. No Great Diet of the Bold and Beautiful of this World comes near to this approach in the results it can bring for y0u. You hungry? “Just go and eat from your bowl.”, teaches Misio, “Go ahead, drag out the best bits and chew on them.” The only rule is that you should never ever eat in a hurry. Contemplate your food, chew well, and remember to wash it down with fresh water.

Misio enjoying his butter licks/kicks.

Step 3. Following your dreams and passions constitutes the final step. If you let others (parents, partners, kids) convince you to give up all that you enjoy in this life, you might just as well be dead. However, it is not at all as simple as it may initially seem. This step, as Misio points out in his teachings, often proves quite tricky, as it requires for you to have the ability to find out where your following your passions stops being you following your passions, and starts being you tormenting others and making them cry. So, just watch out for signs of that as you pursue a dream.

On the bus, with the wind in his hair, traveling into the Unknown (home)

N.B. Below is an example of how your pursuit of your dreams may interfere with the well-being of people around you.

About to cross the thin border of My versus Your well-being

Asked for a final piece of advice within the topic Misio says, “Enjoy the implementation, folks! And remember to adapt, interpret, and improve.”

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